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Robert J. Yaroma Partner

Robert J. YaromaRobert J. Yaroma, during his 50-year career, has helped navigate his clients’ investment portfolios through some of the best and worst market conditions.

“At Midwest Investment Management, our only goal is to meet our clients’ investment needs,” Mr. Yaroma states. “We meet those needs by adhering to a “value” style investment philosophy which includes prudent diversification, and maintaining a long-term focus. Thus, we are not driven to investment fads or cycles.”

“Because we are an independent investment management firm, we remain cognizant of our clients’ need for preservation of capital and their need for continuing growth of assets, within the framework of sound investing principles,” Mr. Yaroma notes. “And so, we buy and sell stocks only when it’s in the best interest of our clients’ long-term investment strategy.”

“Decades of helping my clients achieve their investment goals and watching the performance of various markets and investment opportunities has proven the importance of taking a long-term investment horizon,” says Mr. Yaroma.

Mr. Yaroma holds a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree from Western Reserve University in Cleveland. He is a board member of the Community West Foundation and a board member of Cleveland Clinic-Western Region. He resides in Westlake with his wife, Jan. The couple has three adult children.

Mr. Yaroma can be reached at or (216) 830-1129.